Rayman Legends Concepts

A selection of early Concept Art I did has a Visual Develoment Artist for Rayman Legends. Ubisoft Montpellier’s game created by the amazing Michel Ancel and his incredible crew.  I also had the chance to paint Rayman and the Red Dragon of the game front cover. Below some Frog's Castle.
Originally they were planning to have a Dracula stage. 
Hopefully some of you will enjoy those images :)

9 commentaires:

Diego DAndrea a dit…

Love it!

Unknown a dit…

WOW, incredible!!!

kamoulox a dit…

la violenceeeeeee

C.Deboda a dit…

Great work! Looks like a lot of fun.

Unknown a dit…

I love it, these dracula's world artworks are amazing. It’s a pity that these levels aren’t in the final game.

Do you know if it's possible to see them in a future DLC ?

Peter Oedekoven a dit…

Awesome colorschemes!!

Guitty a dit…

Salut Aymeric, contente de voir ces images en ligne!!! on est dans les recherches de décor pour le film de troisième année, et je viens pour m'y référer et essayer de me rappeler de tes conseils pour la couleur. ça m'aide bien, et au passage, c'est super beau bravo.

AYMRC a dit…

Thanks Guy's i'm glad you like the concepts!

Guitty >Merci pour ton message. J'espere que mes petites interventions pourront t'aider en colo =)
Bon courage pour ton film

ravi kumar a dit…

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