"Kick-Heart" Full Color-Script

Here is the full Color Script for Kick-Heart. I had a lot of fun painting it, thinking of colors and ambiance is part of the things I like the most. Still 12 days to go on Kickstarter, and Still 25% to reach. Also take a look at our Tumblr where you will find some Key-Animations Gifs. Please share the infos, we still really need your support to make this happen! Thank you.


"Kick-Heart" by Masaaki Yuasa

Hello Everyone! Today as I am writing this post, there is 19 days left for backing on Kick-Heart . I really encourage you to support this project on Kickstarter and help reaching his goal. For this I have made an Illustration on my free-time, representing the orphans that you will see in the show. What I can say is that the short will be super entertaining and fun, and the wrestling battles like no others, really.
Also, a Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook account have been made, so you might want to check this out for more appealing images!


"Kick-Heart" by Masaaki Yuasa, Production I.G

Hello Everyone! Today is a special day.  Masaaki Yuasa's new project is now on Kickstarter. It is made in Production I.G, where i have the great chance and honor to be in charge of all the backgrounds of the project. Until October 31 to back on it, so if you like anime and Yuasa's work there is no time to wait! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/production-ig/masaaki-yuasas-kick-heart Also here is a pick of the Color Script i've made and some random Backgrounds. Updates will be posted on the kickstarter almost every day i beleive, so you might want to check it out once in a while.

Director, Animator : Masaaki Yuasa
Character Designer, Animator : Michio Mihara
Color Coordinator, Animator : Eunyoung Choi
Background Artist : Kevin Aymeric


夏 IVD global news magazine.

Here is the last cover on this medical tubes theme. Unfortunately it is alsmost the end of the summer too. But still burning hot in Tokyo :)


Sumette's Playground

This is where sumette spends the majority of her time, practicing and wrestling against buddies. She just loves to push people into the water.
It is the color spirit that i am developping right now for this project. I hope you guys will like it.


The spring cover for the IVD Global News Magazine. Here hardworkers are having a little break and fun during a Matsuri, under Sakura trees.


Sumette's strength

Even with the weight difference, Sumette has the strenght to push her opponant out of the dohyō (土俵). The tension is at his peak in the crowd, and the gyōji (行司) is about to annonce de winner.
An illustration that present Sumette's world a little more. I'm still developing it. I really hope that you will appreciate her universe, and soon enough the story behind it.


Sumette's eyes

The Tachi-ai  (立合い) is the moment when two Sumo Wrestler (大相撲) are facing each other just before the fight. Sumette has that look during the tachi-ai, neutral and mysterious... She is gonna win.
If you are interested you can follow me on twitter starting from today: i'll post work in progress once in a while, more often that on this blog. So here it is =>>//https://twitter.com/AYMRC// Cheers!


Tomorrow in green

An old painting of an old barn, still dreaming about midsummer