Rayman Legends Concepts

A selection of early Concept Art I did has a Visual Develoment Artist for Rayman Legends. Ubisoft Montpellier’s game created by the amazing Michel Ancel and his incredible crew.  I also had the chance to paint Rayman and the Red Dragon of the game front cover. Below some Frog's Castle.
Originally they were planning to have a Dracula stage. 
Hopefully some of you will enjoy those images :)


Kick-Heart "Jardin d'enfances"

Masaaki Yuasa asked for a freestyle illustration for Kick-Heart, so I made up a story about Romeo who was actually an apprentice gardener as a child. His interest in wrestling and becoming Maskman M was triggered by the playful tactics of a mystery girl who also becomes Lady S in the future.
Illustration made for Kick-Heart, as a Giclee print Kickstarter reward


Bubble Clusters Adventures I

Hello Everybody. Here is one random image for a personal project. I hope that you will like it! I guess you can call that girl Vela for now. Oh and by the way, I just joined tumblr : http://aymrc.tumblr.com/