Kick-Heart "Jardin d'enfances"

Masaaki Yuasa asked for a freestyle illustration for Kick-Heart, so I made up a story about Romeo who was actually an apprentice gardener as a child. His interest in wrestling and becoming Maskman M was triggered by the playful tactics of a mystery girl who also becomes Lady S in the future.
Illustration made for Kick-Heart, as a Giclee print Kickstarter reward

8 commentaires:

Meryl a dit…

Wahou, c'est beau tout ces details

Abel a dit…

very nice very nice ;)

Peter Oedekoven a dit…

Fantastic work Kevin!!!1 I´m stunned by your shortfilm!!! Amazing

Kid a dit…

Клёвый арт!

Waterfallman a dit…

magnificent !!! You are a true master!!

ravi kumar a dit…

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