Sumette's Playground

This is where sumette spends the majority of her time, practicing and wrestling against buddies. She just loves to push people into the water.
It is the color spirit that i am developping right now for this project. I hope you guys will like it.

13 commentaires:

George Bletsis a dit…

I don't like it....I LOVE it! Looking forward to seeing what this colour study is for!

Matt Jones a dit…


Sandra Brandstätter a dit…

I would love to wrestle there as well!

A.C. Braxton a dit…

wow...WOW! I love your detail.

auguy a dit…

powa la violence !!!!!!!!!!!

AYMRC a dit…

Thank you! I am glad you like this one!

Ilaria Catalani a dit…

woa man,awesome work!!
I'll follow you because your works are awesome!
I especially love you backgrounds!

Ilaria Catalani a dit…

*your (typo sorry ahah)

Ying-Hsuan Chen a dit…

so beautiful:) i love the colours!

Unknown a dit…

Amazing work!

Unknown a dit…

that's so brilliant

ravi kumar a dit…

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