Ping Pong The Animation

I have been interviewed for Cartoon Brew so I took this chance to share some Ping Pong backgrounds and the color-script of the first episode. I hope you will enjoy them. I didn't had the chance to communicate here but I was lucky to be the Background Director at Tatsunoko Pro for the latest Masaaki Yuasa TV show based on Taiyo Matsumoto's Manga. My most intense and rememberable project so far.

Above the Color-Script of the first Episode. I hope the be able to show them all one day.

3 commentaires:

vitalik shu a dit…

Amazing colors and layouts! Ping pong such are great show!! Working with Masaaki Yuasa is are dream! you are my "mr HERO" ))))!

grégory gonzalez a dit…

wow!c'est génial ça!

Mitsukai Inki a dit…

très très bon, beau boulot :)