"Kick-Heart" by Masaaki Yuasa, Production I.G

Hello Everyone! Today is a special day.  Masaaki Yuasa's new project is now on Kickstarter. It is made in Production I.G, where i have the great chance and honor to be in charge of all the backgrounds of the project. Until October 31 to back on it, so if you like anime and Yuasa's work there is no time to wait! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/production-ig/masaaki-yuasas-kick-heart Also here is a pick of the Color Script i've made and some random Backgrounds. Updates will be posted on the kickstarter almost every day i beleive, so you might want to check it out once in a while.

Director, Animator : Masaaki Yuasa
Character Designer, Animator : Michio Mihara
Color Coordinator, Animator : Eunyoung Choi
Background Artist : Kevin Aymeric

6 commentaires:

Mark Kjærgaard a dit…

Every time you post it makes my day. But this is just out of the park. Can't wait to follow this project! And congratulation on this project!

Jules Durand a dit…

Looks so awesome !! Nice backgrounds btw !

Ian MacDonald a dit…

Gorgeous work man. I'm loving these bgs, and I can't wait for kickheart to come out! Keep it up man!

Romain a dit…

clââsse !
Je crois bien que je vais donner mes premiers sous au Crowd funding.
Bon courage pour le projet en tout cas !

NN a dit…

T'as l'air de bien t'éclater boy!! J'adore!! Ca fait plaisir un blog qui vit!! ++

ravi kumar a dit…

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