Sumette's strength

Even with the weight difference, Sumette has the strenght to push her opponant out of the dohyō (土俵). The tension is at his peak in the crowd, and the gyōji (行司) is about to annonce de winner.
An illustration that present Sumette's world a little more. I'm still developing it. I really hope that you will appreciate her universe, and soon enough the story behind it.

10 commentaires:

L Rossi a dit…

Oh c'est tellement chouette! Super ambiance - j'ai hâte de savoir l'histoire :P

Emmanuelle.Walker a dit…

N I C E !

souvstudio a dit…

Wow: magic! Tu te mets au japonais?

Mof a dit…

c'est vraiment super beaux. l'ambiance et les design démonte.

Gabriel Lin a dit…

beautiful! wonderful color and atmosphere!

AYMRC a dit…

Content que l'image vous plaise :D
Souv> J'ai repris les cours il y a quelques temps ^^

Andrey Egorov a dit…

Very cool!!!

Meryl a dit…

Trrres jouli

Unknown a dit…

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